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It's three days until Windsor High School's annual VMB, the Valentine Masked Ball.  After today's announcement of the King and Queen of Hearts, everyone has those three days to find a date.

Heart Beat

Big surprise: the VMB Queen vote is a tie between best friends Allie and Megan. Bigger surprise: the King vote has been won by self-adoring British transplant John Falstaff.

Heart Beat

Falstaff reveals to his minions that he in fact stole the King election, and now plans to seduce both Queens.

I Rule

Meanwhile: freshman Anne Page wants to go to the VMB with biker dude Fenton, but her older brother George and his girlfriend Megan have other guys in mind.

i am yours

Phase One of Falstaff's seduction is sending Allie and Megan identical musical Valentines -- a move so gross it demands revenge.

scorch me up sally

To lure Falstaff into a series of humiliations, Allie and Megan pretend to submit to his advances.

lead him on

Despite a multitude of complications, Allie and Megan get their revenge: first in secret, then - with all their friends - at a trial at the VMB.

Anne makes the choice to defy George and Megan and follow her heart to Fenton.

you see me

just desserts

At the Valentine Masked Ball, everyone makes up and dances the night away.

this is the night

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